About us

You know us already. We're the team (behind the team) behind many of the world's hottest games. We've been creating the tools and services that connect publishers to players and players to each other since the dawn of high-speed - but we're not your daddy's dial-up. Today we specialize in the type of planet-scale problems publishers and studios face deploying games into an increasingly complex global marketplace.

How We Roll

Our principles are the emotional, ethical and spiritual core of our company - they are the soul of Rocket Science.

We are fearless

Pushing what's possible requires an innovative spirit and the ability to take calculated risks.

We play co-op

World-class work can only be done by a world-class team. Great teams require safety, support, and a shared mission.

We f*ing love games

We believe humans are hardwired to learn and grow through play. Making games requires a love of games and all their various forms.

We slay all day

If you're going to play, then there's no point in playing to lose. We love to beat the boss, tank the turret, and bring home the V.

The Big Bang

Brian Corrigan Brian Corrigan
Tom Daniel Tom Daniel

Rocket Science was founded over several pints by two pals, Brian Corrigan and Thomas Daniel. The conversation went something like this:

  • Brian: We should work together.
  • Tom: Hey, I'm all for it. What should we do?
  • Brian: Let's change the world, Tom.
  • Tom: Can we call ourselves scientists?
  • Brian: I think that goes unsaid.
  • Tom: Can we work with all our friends?
  • Brian: Better than that. We can fly around the world and take them out for fancy food and drinks.
  • Tom: You had me at drinks.

Shortly after this, Rocket Science was born. Over time, many other intrepid, (or slightly delusional) adventurers would join this merry crew.

Together we are Rocket Science!