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With a proven track record of building high-performing studios, Rocket Science Group is your trusted partner in game development. Our expertise, innovative solutions, and robust support systems make us the ideal choice for elevating your game development efforts. Contact us today to discover how our studios can enhance your projects.


Rocket Science was founded over several pints by two pals, Brian Corrigan and Thomas Daniel. The conversation went something like this:


We should work together.


Hey, I'm all for it. What should we do?


Let's change the world, Tom.


Can we call ourselves scientists?


I think that goes unsaid.


Can we work with all our friends?


Better than that. We can fly around the world and take them out for fancy food and drinks.


You had me at drinks.

Shortly after this, Rocket Science was born. Over time, many other intrepid, (or slightly delusional) adventurers would join this merry crew.

Together we are Rocket Science!

Quick Facts

Executive Team

  • Thomas Daniel
  • Brian Corrigan
  • Steven Hartland
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Sav Fileccia
  • Larry Rye


  • Troy, New York
  • Austin, Texas
  • Cardiff, Wales


  • Atomic Theory
  • Super Collider
  • Terminal Velocity


  • Console
  • AR/VR
  • PC
  • Mobile




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2023: Rocket Science opens Wales division
2023: American company chooses Wales for new European HQ
2023: Rocket Science opens new studio in Cardiff
2023: US firm Rocket Science sets up new European HQ in Wales
2023: Rocket Science chooses Wales for European gaming HQ
2023: US games firm to open European HQ in Wales
2023: Minister sets top priorities for stronger Welsh economy
2023: Rocket Science aims to be the best
2023: NYS Video Game Tax Credit open for business
2023: Rocket Science receives NYS support
2023: Capital Region Game Cluster remains strong
2022: Rocket Science launches with international plans
2022: Inside plans for Rocket Science's new studio