One giant leap for games

We design solutions to solve a wide array of problems for both Publishers & Studios and have experience working with first and third-party partners in regions around the world.

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Metagame Systems

Retention, engagement, progression - it takes more than just a great core loop to make a great game. We design metagame systems of every shape and size, including character and weapon progression systems, ranked play, season pass, attendance rewards, and more.


Content is *king*. Rocket Science has experience building cross-platform content services for skins & items, level packs, dynamic environments, new characters & pets, time-limited event modes, expansion packs, and moderated user-generated content.

Social Play

Great games are a social affair. We build a variety of social systems, including guild & faction, chat, cross-platform friends, presence, parties, matchmaking, and in-game attendance events. We also work with external teams to ensure content is safe for all players.

Publishing Services

We help publishers build player insights across their first & third-party portfolios by developing & integrating single-sign-on, telemetry, and CRM. We also drive engagement by creating various promotional systems including pre-registration, refer-a-friend, code redemption, creator codes, and coordinating web agencies.

Ecommerce & Web3

Digital payments & digital ownership are becoming increasingly complex. We've done it all from scratch or by working with vendors like Xsolla, Adyen, and Codapay. Past work includes roll-your-own virtual currency, entitlements, first-party payments, crypto and NFTs, mobile payments and publisher provided payment support.

Community & Esports

We've worked with Esports organizations, event operators, and tournament vendors, helping to ensure interoperability & alignment between external parties and internal development teams. Past work includes community data & tournament APIs, live-streaming stats, streamer mode, Twitch Drops, YouTube rewards, and more.